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Hey Tutti means hey everyone, and while not every class is accessible for every body, there is a class that's right for you; to help get you out of your head and into your body.

(Tutti is also my cat’s name, so say "hey" when you see her in our virtual classes!)

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I offer this practice with the perspective of a former professional ballet dancer, having performed and toured with Canada’s Ballet Jörgen, The Chimera Project, and Cadence Progressive Contemporary.

I think we can find inspiration everywhere, you just have to be open to feeling it. From music, to nature, to all of the eccentric & brilliant ballet coaches I’ve had; who find multiple ways of teaching a singular element so that every body has an opportunity to understand, digest & apply the information that's offered, in an artful way.

Therefore my teaching is heavily influenced by dance. I consider sequencing as one might choreography, with intricate transitions that force you to get present with what’s happening right now, rather than what’s for supper (though that’s important too ;) without you feeling left behind or unable to keep up with the class.

It’s my hope that by moving mindfully we can deepen our relationship with our breath (read: prana/life-force), learn to respect our bodies & embrace those which we feel contrast the ‘norm’.

Grab 2 blocks and some water (or in my case a strong cup of coffee), and I’ll meet you on the mat.



Yoga Training
2015 - Ashtanga Vinyasa Fundamentals (200hr)
2015 - Moksha Yoga (500hr)
2016 - Moksha Flow (75hr)
2017 - Restorative (75hr)

Dance Training
Company Dancer, The Chimera Project
Mentorship, Canadas' Ballet Jörgen
Company Dancer, Cadence Progressive Contemporary

Deeper Training
2019, 2017 - Vinyasa Intensive (Nikki Vilella, Lauren Haythe)
2018 - 1 Year Vinyasa Mentorship (Jackie Szabo)
2017 - Iyengar Intensive (Susan Richardson)
2015 - 1 Week Intensive Ashtanga Primary Series (AYCT)

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Tuesday7pm Restorative
Wednesday7am Vinyasa
Thursday7pm Restoratibe
Friday7am Hatha
Saturday9:30am Vinyasa

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